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KH:: Kaname Namaiki by Gennie-D-Rouchette KH:: Kaname Namaiki by Gennie-D-Rouchette

General Info:

Last Name : Kaname
First Name : Namaiki (Essentially means 'sassy')
Gender : 127% Woman
Age : 17
Birthday : September 13th
Height : 5'9"(almost 5'10") (Yes, she is very tall for a young woman.)
Grade : Second Year
Clubs : Cheer Leading || Music || Visual Arts

Personality :

Ohhhh is she EVER! But it is not a good or bad thing. It is just a leading factor in Namaiki's personaility! When she has something to say, she says it. She is not affriad to speak the truth about a situation and will do so accordingly. (Yes, Even to some teachers, but never out of line.) Namaiki loves to razz and tease people, especially people she cares about- or to see just what kind of person you are.

As I was saying, the lady teases the people she cares about, or to see if you are someone she could care about. She is not cruel with her teasing, but humerous.  The only reason she would ever become cruel is if you were being an out right prick to herself or anyone else around who did not deserve it. (This comes from being a big sister.)

Namaiki is a strong womam. W.O.M.A.N. Which does not mean she can do what a 'MAN' does.
No, but can do the things that only women can do in a strong way. She believes that Men should be left to do Men things, because it is stupid to think Women could be as strong(Without loosing their woman qualities: you're wrong.) And therefor is old fashioned in her beliefs. But that is not to say she can not fight for herself if she needs to- but prefers not to if she can help it.
(Nakaiki: See, I have this big brother- Yeah, his name is Haru Kaname. Have you heard of him?)

Namaiki is a very tender woman. She has that spot in her heart to nuture and build up those around her, or to take down the things that hurt others. This also renders her very sensitive and self concious. Because when often defending others, one can get seriously hurt.

||Self Concious||
Namaiki has a problem, and it is that she is very self-aware. She knows she is beautiful, she knows she is attractive, she knows in the Past that girls have judged her for her beauty, and that boys have tried to get into her because of it also. But she was never so naive as to let them. Because of these things, Namaiki has chosen not to be in a relationship with anyone, until someone comes along that is as mature as her brother and father, and proves he is in love with what is in, and not what is out. She is always afriad that people are only going to give her attention based on her appearence (and what fame she does/will have), and that will render her alone.

Namaiki has a fear of being alone. Being alone without REAL friends and a REAL man in her life. She is strong and gives people the sense that everything is alright, and that all is at peace. But in her heart there is always an evil whisper telling her she will be lonely.

Namaiki takes academics VERY seriously. She does not want to be this 'pretty face and no brains.' so she is a hard working student all around. She has strait As in all of her classes except for math which she has a B. But she works very hard at everything she does when she does it.

She loves to have fun and go on adventures. Shopping, hiking, swimming, playing tag. She LOVES IT. There will always be a child inside her that climbs in trees and risks jumping to the next branch without falling.

I will probably add more as I get to know her better

History :

In Elementary school, Namaiki began to grow in height faster than others. This enabled her other fellow class mates to begin to tease her about it. Namaiki, being the bright light she was, quickly learned to come back with snarky remarks such as. "Do you need help getting your bag? It is pretty high up!" or, "Are you sure you are ok leading? Maybe I should be behind you so the other do not get lost." nothing that would hurt anyone. But something cute and often finished with a wink and a light blush on her cheeks. She learned to embrace her height.

Middle School||
As she got into middle school, puberty came early to her. Growing more in height, but this time growing into some serious curves. Which cause even MORE teasing from the other students, as well as some jealousy from the other girls- even the ones she thought were her closer friends. And no matter how she protested of how much pain she was in because of her chest, or how it was hard to find the right kind of clothing, or how it was a serious drag to look the way she did- others still treated her badly for it. Whispering about her and how she was 'slutty' or how she was with all of the guys.... Even though Namaiki had never even kissed a guy.
During her first year of middle school, also, she was noticed by a teen fashion magazine for her height, thrift-store-smart style, her attitude, and queen-like structure and was asked to do photoshoots for the company. She accepted and till this day in in this fashion magazine. And also recived a goot amount of teasing and hate because of this.
But because of the intense amount of teasing, her older brother Haru heard what was being said and began to get in a lot of fights because of it. Beating the tar out of the boys sayinf nasty perverted things about his sister, girls being rude about her looks. He was at her deffence and the teasing quickly started to die down because Haru would go from the wise knowledge thristy boy to a protective bear of a man.
One time in particular, that changed both Haru and Namaiki when a fellow student they thought was their friend tried to trap Namaiki in a closed area where they would be alone to force her to do the unforseen with him. These students were part of the council in the middle school at the time, so they were all out running errands for the tachers, and Haru being one of these student, happened to see the student trying to force Namaiki into the room, and her protesting and trying to push him out of the way. It didn't take long for the other student to try to feel up Namaiki's skirt that Haru's fist was in the side of the young man's head. To this day, that was the worst, most bloody, most tear stained fight that Haru had ever gotten into for Namaiki. And to this day, both siblings have a regard and respect for one another that no one would could deny.

High School-current||
Finally the family started sending their children to a better school district instead of the one farther away from home... With the exception of Namaiki, for she was offered a place in a one year school for first years to get them ready to go into the fashion buisness, which Namaiki thankfully accepted with her parents blessing. This time in highschool was much nicer for her. She did not care about the 'competition' and instead enjoyed a breath of fresh air at this school before having to enroll into Kokoro high for her last to years in highschool. But is thankful also, that her and Haru will once again be together as the 'Not Twins'.

Extra Life Facts:
+ Her family info is the same as Haru's

+ She loves the fashion industry, but is going for the more thrifty aspects of it
(Namaiki: There is nothing wrong with shopping and dressing smart!)

+ Namaiki is one of the hardest baseball pitchers around- and does this to help her brother.

+ She doesn't talk about it. But Namaiki used to play baseball in Elementary and Middle school. But all of a sudden she up and quit.
She never told anyone why- and pretends like she wasn't in baseball at all. Even goes as far as to say "I just learned to pitch for my brother."
But if you go to the Elementary or middle school for some reason, her pictures are in the trophy case with her trophies given to the school.

+ Does have a job and models for a couple of the top teen magazines.

+ She loves her siblings

+ She is the eldest princess, and she princessess her little princess <3

+ She loves to meet people and make friends, but is mentally cautious

+ She is praying this this school will be very different form her other ones.

+ Does not like to remember the past.....

+ Is thankful for Haru.


Additional Info :

Likes :
+Thrift stores and good sales
+Cute things
+People who are real
+Bows and lace and sweaters
+All of the colors
+Her hair
+Baseball, especially pitching.
+Her eyes
+Her siblings
+Other peoples hair and eyes
+Singing and hearing others sing
+Being active
+Tag and hide and go seek and ring around the rosey and everything.

Dislikes :
+Being judged
+Being hated for how she was born
+Thunder storms
+Being alone
+Being alone forever
+Seeing anyone getting hurt.
+getting hurt
+Seeing strong people cry (ex: Haru)
+Bitter foods
+Being bored
+Failing tests
Ai Kayani Who is the voice of Mayaka Ibara in Hyouka!

Namaiki Kaname (C) :icongennie-d-rouchette:
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